One Story Can Change the World

God will stop at nothing to win our hearts. Not even the cross.

This is one man's story about God's pursuit of his heart and his testimony that has touches and changed thousands. Everyone has a testimony that has been writtenthrought the pages of their life. What about you?

Down Walls

A Battle Worth Fighting

Breaking Down Walls focuses on a battle worth fighting.

Are you in bondage? Are you wandering in the wilderness? As you look up at the imposing wall before you-whatever it is-are you willing to confront that obstacle and allow God to tear it down? The Lord, who is both powerful and faithful, can meet your need. Let your journey into freedom and wholeness begin.

ction.? CS Lewis

Jun 26

he fatal thing is to sit down content with anything less than perfe

Jun 26

?We need not despair in our worst, for our failures are forgiven. T

Jun 26

"You don't walk over the dead and dying to get to the dead and dying." Loran Livingston Reach those around you in need today!

Jun 24

When we lift our eyes to The Lord we are sure to meet friendly eyes gazing back for it is written "The eyes of the Lord run to and fro th...

Jun 17

"God presently speaks through His written Word. Otherwise it would lie locked in slumber within the covers of a book" AW Tozer

Jun 16

"Everything worthy in life is uphill and people have uphill dreams and downhill habits" John Maxwell

Jul 15

If you will do what you are called to do others will be inspired to become who they were created to be. Live out today!

Jul 15

"Unless The Lord builds His House those who build labor in vain." Psalms 127:1 Make sure you let The Lord lead you today!

Jul 16

"I don't know why I lived right for 38 years & then took this path." Darren Sharper NFL player sentenced to 18 years. The devil never sle...

Jul 15

Tragic week in Americas history. 6 dead from racial tension for which there are no excuses on solutions found in Matthew 5:44

Jul 17

"The two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why" Mark Twain

Jul 16

Where God's agenda is championed God's resources flow. Don't think on how only the what and how and God will take care of the how

Jul 16

"You can give a man a fish or you can teach him to fish." Justin Wren UFC Fighter/Missionary

Jul 15

True salvation is not from the absence of something but rather the presence of something and HIS NAME IS JESUS!!!

Jul 16