One Story Can Change the World

God will stop at nothing to win our hearts. Not even the cross.

This is one man's story about God's pursuit of his heart and his testimony that has touches and changed thousands. Everyone has a testimony that has been writtenthrought the pages of their life. What about you?

Down Walls

A Battle Worth Fighting

Breaking Down Walls focuses on a battle worth fighting.

Are you in bondage? Are you wandering in the wilderness? As you look up at the imposing wall before you-whatever it is-are you willing to confront that obstacle and allow God to tear it down? The Lord, who is both powerful and faithful, can meet your need. Let your journey into freedom and wholeness begin.

Matt Chandler cancer Survivor and Pastor of The Village Church in Texas and Author of the book "To Live Is Christ".

Mar 10

"I had cancer so I have to have regular scans which I hate but I need. I have sin so I have to have discipline which I hate but I need." ...

Mar 10

"Israel doesn't want to stand alone but if we have to make no mistake Israel will STAND" PM Benjamin Netanyahu I wish this guy was our L ...

Mar 4

I worked hard in my faith to get to where I am. I am only because of God's love & grace. Which set of lens do you see the world through?

Mar 4

Can we come together as a body of Christ & pray for the 300 + Christians taken prisoner by ISIS in Syria? Galatians 6:2

Feb 26

Birdman...really? Hollywood has no pulse for what touches the American heart. American Sniper was best movie of the year!!!

Feb 24

"No man rises to spiritual manhood until he finds it better to serve sombody else than himself". Woodrow Wilson

Feb 14

"If what you believe about God doesn't affect the way you feel about life do you really know God?" Pastor Furtick (Elevation)

Feb 14

No man is an island of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main... John Donne (Poet)

Feb 11

"Most like to live within the sound of church bells but I want to live near the gates of hell because that's where real ministry takes p ...

Feb 4

Super Bowl half time show celebrating a Pastors kid singing about sexual sin while she wears a dress decorated in flames. God help me w ...

Feb 2

What sounds more exciting, to say I'm Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Assemblies of God, etc or I'm a follower of Jesus?

Jan 30

What sounds more exciting, to say I'm Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Assemblies of God, etc or to say I'm a follower of Je ...

Jan 30

"Courage is being afraid and saddling up anyway." John Wayne "The Duke"

Jan 30

"Courage is contsgious. When one man straightens his spine others stand tall." Billy Graham

Jan 28